Steel fiber reinforced concrete

Workability of FRC

Workability SFRC appears relatively stiff and unworkable compared to conventional concrete. However, when vibrated, the thixotropic mix flows quite well. Additional water should not be added as it may only improve slump, not real workability, and it will certainly have…
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Finishing Of Duraflex™

Placing Of Duraflex™ Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete: Generally, placing of SFRC with no vibration is discouraged because, without compaction, the concrete will be less dense, may have air voids, and may have less bond with any conventional reinforcement.. A false…
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Benefits of Duraflex SFRC Floors

To the Owner –          Less Cost , High Quality, Longer Life of Floors –          Resistance to micro cracks propogating into macro cracks –          Provides high impact resistance –          Excellent surface finish can be achieved –          Eliminates spalling due to corroding…
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